resist colonial power by any means necessary / ptp
until the morning / oroko radio
mass (all that you touched) @ mahalla
schulz-stübner prize @ udk, berlin
radio as social sculpture / cashmere radio
it's gonna hurt @ slug, leipzig
reading circle (intermission) @ udk, berlin
y is everything so exhausting @ acud, berlin
i like it, ur trash @ cooper union, new york
out now @ uferhallen, berlin
cast-off @ berlin art week, berlin
intentions / nia
puppets @ _d_r_i_f_t
that silent language / the quietus
mammo-cartography / schulz-stübner preis
a story of potential / loss [b] / nts radio
weitertragen @ hvw8, berlin
metal mother @ 3hd festival, berlin
stonehouse, underwood (the promise), @ udk, berlin
the second to last angel of history