Alice Z Jones is a British-Jamaican artist from London, studying at the University of Arts Berlin as part of the Lensbased Class. Jones draws from both a European tradition and the traditions of black and Caribbean Diasporas - negotiating lost histories, imposed histories, institutional invisibility, identities and mis/representation. Jones works with a diverse variety of media including printmaking, painting, textiles, sculpture and sound; focusing on the exploration, creation and recreation of languages of repair and resistance.
BA Russian and German, Queen Mary University, 2016
BA Fine Art, University of Arts Berlin
BA Fine Art, Fall Semester 2021-22, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York

London, 2017-2020: artwork and illustration, gal-dem magazine (print and online)
London, 2017: print work for exhibition 56 Artillery Lane, Raven Row
London, 2017: print work and text for exhibition Creative Debuts x Meet the Artists, The Black & White Building
Berlin, 2017: print work and installation for exhibition, Emserstrasse 23
Berlin, 2017: group production of documentary film on colonial history / reparations for Kiez-Monatsschau - Sonderausgabe: Republik Repair Festival, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
London, 2018: illustration for Sugarcane poster, Obongjahar and Yussef Dayes
London, 2018: illustration and poem, Sweet Thang Zine
London, 2018: mono-print workshop for adults, Shoreditch House x gal-dem
London, 2018: graphic design, Levis x Babyface
London 2018: graphic design, Bodyshop x Babyface
Berlin, 2018: artwork and graphic design for concert series FORT-DA at Radial SystemSolistenensemble Kaleidoskop  
Berlin, 2018: artwork for event and poster, Junges Forum: Rasse und RechtHumbolt University Berlin 
Berlin, 2018, 2019: illustration and graphic design for flyer and poster, InActNo Lanta Djanto
Berlin, 2018: sound work Holes, Featured by Dis Fig for Energy Exchange, 3hd FestivalSäule
Berlin, 2018: screen print and installation for art fair, WeWork 
Berlin, 2018: illustration for poster and flyers, Bla Kollektiv
Berlin, 2018: mono-print workshop for children, Bla Kollektiv
Berlin, 2018: silk-screen costume for ROM*.COM: A 90s Trauma Workshop, Bob's Pogo Bar, Kunstwerke
Online, 2018: illustration and poetry for Venus Instagram takeover, Zeit Magazin
Berlin, 2019: soundscape Acid for Andre Harris's theatre piece Acid WeddingM.I/mi1glisse
Berlin, 2019: album artwork, press photography and design for silkscreen shirt for UnleashDis Fig
Berlin, 2019: music video Unleash, Dis Fig
Berlin, 2019: sound installation: Stonehouse, Underwood (the Promise), Steinhaus, UdK
Online, 2019: illustration on body positivity, BBC 
London, 2019: artwork for EP Love me with meSara Guhre
London, 2019: cover image (photography) on Zero Waste Periods, The Earth Issue
Berlin, 2020: mixed-media/painting and installation for Weitertragen- A Subjective Experience, HVW8 Gallery
Berlin, 2020: mixed-media/painting, installation and sound work for Creamcake3HD FestivalUnhumanity: Echo Chamber, Großer Wasserspeicher
Berlin, 2020: three sound compositions produced and exhibited with UNI.K – Studio for Electronic Composition, Sound art and Sound research, UdK
Berlin, 2020: illustration, Sofa Magazine
Berlin, 2020-21: artwork for Tiny’s Pizza x Piccolo Giardino
London, 2020: illustration and poetry, Black Fly (Sexual Health and Wellness Collective)
Online, 2020: soundscape: a story of potential/loss, The Tim and Barry ShowNTS
Online, 2020: essay and sound compositions: That Silent Language, for Sounds and Words in the Lake District, commissioned by The Quietus and The Willow Herb Review, for In The Fields, Aerial Festival
Online 2020: sound work for SBVRSV mix series #18 w/ Collo, Internet Public Radio
Berlin, 2020: winner of the Schulz-Stübner Prize for painting 2020
Berlin, 2020: mammo-cartography, publication for the Schulz-Stübner Prize / UdK
Online, 2021: sound work for Lensbased group project, Passage Exhibition, Cashmere Radio
Online, 2021: sound work and video, DRIFT
Berlin, 2021: collaborative audio video installation with Ashley Mclean and Eight FangA.B.C., part of exhibition I love the things I kill the most, DZIALDOV project space  
Online, 2021: composition for compilation album IntentionsDream A6, from record label NIA
Berlin, 2021: CAST-OFF, collaborative audio video work with Dis Fig [Felicia Chen], commissioned by Creamcake / 3HDTV, showing at Kunstpunkt as part of Berlin Art Week
Berlin, 2021: sound installation, holes, a story of potential / loss, part of exhibition Out Now, curated by Isabelle Parkes @Uferhallen