Intentions is the first record to be released on new Berlin based experimental label, NIA. The label name is a Swahili word that serendipitously translates to Intentions. The inception of the label came about at a time of peak isolation, prompting label founders, Collo, Delfiné and Loft Garten to assemble a compilation of tracks from artists near and dear as a form of collective practice. Consequently the compilation echoes hyper-melancholia, fragmented orchestral pieces, yearning ambient and experimental sound design laced with bop worthy club moments.

Label co-founder Loft Garten, kicks it off with ‘Let’s meet by the canal’, a playful offering intertwining layers of field and flute recordings into experimental computer music. They seek to capture a feeling of light and hope in a seemingly world-gone-kaput reality. Infinite Quest duo, Auco and Neana follow up with, ‘Waste some time’, an energetic playful club flip of Amaarae and Wande Cole’s ‘Spend Some time’. Bridget Ferril, distorts the exuberance with, ‘Sacrum Gates’ a haunting yet beautiful nightmare experiment rework of a Messiaen recording. British-Jamaican multidisciplinary artist, Alice Z Jones follows up with, ‘Dream A6’, exploring mental and bodily experience of dreaming using cello, panpipes and binaural field recordings as instrumentation. Label cofounder Delfiné, elevates the compilation with a gentle blend of experimental sound design techniques with notable traditions of Drum and Bass and Trance. ‘Topia’, relentlessly exercises tension and release littered with complex drum patterns.

HASHIA, the latest musical synthesis of Hyui Ines Rmi, a sound artist working predominantly with performative installations, poetry and visual art. They deliver ‘triskelion’, a sonorous hymn capturing tumultuous soundscape, enchanting melodies and hypnotic voices. GIL follows up with with a track, built from sampling chaotic and random noisy textures. They made their mark after the release of two notable Eps on Danse Noire and Yegorka, following, the success of their 2019 live concert and production at the Deutsche Oper Berlin as well as singles and remixes on PTP, Mixpak and Staycore.

Brussels native Mimi, a DJ and herbalist, follows up with their production debut, ‘Low’, a melancholic, compassionate and hopeful ambient piece, inspired by the feeling one goes through whilst realising that our faiths are intertwined. Their work is an ongoing conversation with nature as they explore their Afro-European cultural heritage while serving a unique multi genre approach to their mixing.

Label co-founder Collo offers, ‘Sunsum, Palace’. Conceptually, an ode to resilience, resistance and vulnerability. Sunsum refers to one’s Spirit in West African mythology of the Ashanti and Akan people. Collo’s lyrics references the fight for the golden stool, one of real resistance shown by the Ashanti, led by the matriarch Yaa Asantewaa, fighting against British rule. The track features processed cello pieces, field recordings, 808s, poly-synth lines, vocal experimentation and a surprise track change. Their work over the past few months has consisted of singles for notable compilations for DECISIONS and Radiant Love, along with their second EP released last year with TAR Records. Saebrinde seals of the compilation with a nostalgic swoon, ’Memories’. The Seattle native, based in Berlin combines inspirations from Hiphop, RnB and Indie as the track weaves warm textures and under-spoken ambiances into an experimental but eclectic reposeful musical cloth.

NIA aspires to move with intention to release music rooted in openness and honesty. The platform looks to amplify sound based practices existing to dismantle and decolonise oppressive racist, patriarchal and capitalist structures. The curation of releases gives priority to underrepresented scenes and artists. Through the releases the label aims to form non-verbal communication, aligning collective ideas and practice building on an innovative and diverse approach to music. NIA looks to have a platform for artists to articulate their vision on a project and have it fully actualised collectively. 
released June 26, 2021

Mastered by Vaa Mastering, Triskelion mastered by Hyui Ines Rmi, Wisp mastered by GIL

Artwork by John-Michael